Olympia WA
April 20, 2020

Natalie Kather is a board-certified Family Medicine physician. She practices integrative medicine, which – as the name implies – uses effective natural therapies and Rx drugs when necessary. This approach is supported by her husband, Stephen Cherniske, a biochemist and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition.

“We are “infomaniacs,” says Dr. Kather, “always looking for effective ways to help people experience a better quality of life.” At the top of their list?  Alleviating pain. Kather explains that most pain is caused by inflammation, and while she has plenty of drugs at her disposal, many of those have adverse side effects that are daunting. “Stephen spent 15 years researching plant-based anti-inflammatory compounds,” explains Dr. Kather. “Using genomics and high-throughput screening, his group was able to create products with efficacy that was as good or better than commonly used pain-killers. Most important, these results were published in peer-reviewed biomedical journals. As a physician, I need that kind of gold-standard scientific support.”

In 2016, Kather and Cherniske started a company to make these and similar products available to people outside of her clinic. A year later, a study was published using the same plant-based compounds with dogs.  The results were remarkable, both in terms of safety and efficacy. “We love dogs,” explains Dr. Kather, “and a dog in pain affects the whole family. So we started formulating a veterinary product.”

That’s when things got really interesting.  Searching the veterinarian journals, Dr. Kather found studies showing that DHEA had anti-aging benefits when given to dogs. “Most people know that my husband is one of the world’s foremost experts on DHEA,” notes Kather. “His book, The DHEA Breakthrough (Random House, 1996) was an international best-seller, and together with his 2003 sequel, The Metabolic Plan, reached over 1.5 million people. DHEA is a protein produced by the adrenal glands and brain. It is considered to be the body’s most comprehensive repair signal. Importantly, levels decline with advancing age in both humans and dogs, contributing to age-related degeneration. We were both excited to see research showing that dogs – just like humans – can benefit from supplemental DHEA.

Further research found studies showing benefits for hydrolyzed collagen and antioxidants derived from aronia berry.  The final formulation, called RenuVite4Dogs, combined all these ingredients, and according to Kather and Cherniske, is the only research-proven anti-aging product for dogs.

Does it work? “Ask any of the thousands of very happy customers,” says Dr. Kather. “Or go to RenuVite4Dogs.com and look at some of the photos and videos of dogs that got a new lease on life, with greater energy and mobility.”  Adds Cherniske, “it’s also telling that our biggest customers are veterinarians, who tell us that they’ve never seen results like this. Vets can place wholesale orders and dispense RenuVite4Dogs at their clinics.”

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Veterinarians who would like to receive a “doc pack” of published research can contact Stephen at StephenCherniske108@gmail.com