Step 1 – Define anti-aging

Stephen is considered to be the chief architect of the Metabolic Model of Aging, used now in research centers around the world.

Briefly, it focuses on the see-saw relationship between damage and repair. Aging is associated with decreased repair capacity and accumulating damage. Thus, anti-aging can be defined as the ability to reduce damage and enhance repair; to tip the see-saw in your favor.


Many of the published studies in our scientific support file refer to specific diseases. To comply with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, we cannot make disease claims or speak directly about the treatment or prevention of any disease. Making disease claims for a dietary supplement automatically places that product in the category of an unapproved drug. That violation carries severe penalties, so we forgo direct communication regarding specific diseases, for the good of each and every person using Altea Health Sciences products.

At the same time, veterinarians must have access to the published literature in order to evaluate RenuVite and our other pet products. For this reason, we have created a Vet Doc Pack, containing 37 published studies, product formulation details and FAQ’s related to the clinical chemistry and product safety. To receive this Vet Doc Pack, animal health professionals can contact Stephen at:

Moving forward: What you can do

We believe that knowledge is power, and there are many ways to network. Our customers can respond to each other in comments on social media. While we’re not allowed to endorse any testimonials (more FDA restrictions), you can share your personal experience with others, or ask other product users how they incorporate our pet products into their dog’s health regimen.

We also urge you to talk to your vet. They are the gate-keepers in pet health, and hearing about your success with RenuVite will pique their interest in this breakthrough product.