The Squash Project

Season 1 Episode 6

The Squash Project Gratitude January 2023

In this web series we follow the progress of Squash, a Corgi-Beagle mix who started RenuViteTM about a month before his 15th birthday. RenuViteTM was formulated to improve an adult dog’s Energy, Mobility, Cognition, and Immunity. RenuViteTM is the only anti-aging supplement for dogs that contains both DHEA, an important repair protein for dogs and humans, and UnivestinTM, a plant-based anti-inflammatory.

This is The Squash Project.

Harrison: I’ll start with saying that Squash has been a really great way for us as soon-to-be parents to get into the swing of caring for someone else. But in the process of getting to care for him, he’s actually been doing a lot of the caring for us. Because he’s very spry, even in his old age. And he, more than we will, for ourselves, he’ll get us up off the couch to go play, to go outside and to enjoy our back yard, front yard and neighbors. So that’s been really exciting about having him here.

And I grew up with this dog. I got him when I was 10  years old. And that was 15 years ago. And now we’re  both adults and I’m turning 25 tomorrow. And he’s in his  triple digits in dog years. So there’s a bit of a disparity there, in terms of our adulthood. But whether The Squash Project and the RenuViteTM he’s been taking gives him another year of life -which I think he’ll do more than that-(Arf!) 3 years, or 5 years. It’s not about the number of years. It’s about the quality of each day that we get in this, in those years.

Since he started taking it, every single one (Arf! Arf!) of those day has been as adventure. He’s more lively now at 15 than he was at 10. (Arf! Arf!) Yeah. So we’re really (Arf! Arf!) pleased with the results. And his daily energy. Yeah… (Arf! Arf!)