S1 E3 of The Squash Project 2022

The Squash Project

Season 1 Episode 3 October 21, 2022

The Squash Project Ripple Effect

Music playing. (Annotation: Dance with Joy!)

(Annotation: Leap with Confidence!)

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Stephen Cherniske (SC): Nice Squash shot.

Rachel (R): Squash!

Harrison (H): Can you say Hello! Oh! Hmm!

SC: (Laughing)

H: You don’t usually go on the couch. He feels like a prince!

SC: That’s right! (Laughing)

Natalie Kather, MD (NK): That’s such a good boy.

R and NK: Yeah!

H: Squash! Look at him scratching his spot!

SC: Wonderful!

NK: (To Harrison) And, um, we’d love to hear about your DHEA experience.

H: Yeah. So I was so convinced just by his miraculous transformation, really that I started taking it to get myself prepared for my military career.

(Annotation: Squash did so well with RenuViteTM that Harrison started Synergized DHEA for Men from My2048.com)

As I you know, I needed to physically and mentally prepare myself. The facts are out there, and they’re readily apparent, not just from my dog, but also from what you told me about the Navy Seals and their DHEA level.


Behav Med. 2020 Jul-Sep;46(3-4):290-301.

doi: 10.1080/08964289.2020.1712648.

Psychological and Physiological Predictors of Resilience in Navy SEAL Training

Andrew K Ledford 1, Deirdre Dixon 2, Celeste Raver Luning 1, Brian J Martin 3, Patti C Miles 4, Meaghan Beckner 3, Drew Bennett 1, John Conley 1, Bradley C Nindl 3

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H: So in order to build resilience In my own life, I started taking it and I felt more than capable of the long hours that I’ve had to work in the last month, working 15 hour days. And it doesn’t phase me at all like it used to, so I totally believe it! I’m going to continue to take DHEA for that reason, because of the resilience that it’s allowed me to have my work-life balance. Yeah.

NK: That’s great.

R: Harrison has undergone, like, pretty intense training recently, like really, really long days. And, um the test that he went through most people don’t pass on the first time. And he passed each event, like, first time go! He got an extra award on top of the badge that he was um, out there to earn. So he’s definitely exercised a lot of resilience in the past couple weeks.

H: Um, yeah I was surprised that I was able to retain the information for the testing because I usually have a terrible memory, especially in stressful circumstances. But I found it easier to retain information despite having, you know, not an easy time to learn it or to show my knowledge. So that was really surprising to me.

NK: Great. So energy, mobility, cognition. Any thoughts about immunity for you with the Synergized DHEA for men?

H: Um…

R: You haven’t gotten sick.

H: Um…Yeah I don’t think I’ve gotten sick…Not even a slip! And everyone was getting sniffly because they’re spending so much time together. But I didn’t get any sniffles out of all the guys that were training up in my platoon. So I felt pretty uh, pretty good about that ‘cause sometimes like, when we first started dating, I would start getting sniffly a lot. And despite my lack of nutrition and sleep in the last month, I didn’t get sniffles. Not even a little bit, not once.

NK: Wow…congratulations.

H: Thank you. Yeah. I’m a believer for sure.

(Annotation: “Yeah. I’m a believer for sure!” Synergized DHEA for Men logo)

SC: The squash project isn’t just the story of how the anti-aging for dogs’ supplement RenuViteTM has improved the life of an elderly dog. This is the story of how that process also touches and educates the community. Squash is not vulnerable to placebo effects after all. His adorable little body responds to the biology of these all-natural ingredients. Because squash benefits, his friends and family see that they too can benefit from these ingredients too. Better energy, mobility, cognition and immunity!

This is the Squash project.

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