S1 E2 of The Squash Project 2022

The Squash Project

Season 1 Episode 2 October 21, 2022

See, Feel, & Measure: Better Every Week

(Annotation: Journal entry for Week 6 of RenuViteTM- new things we’ve noticed about Squash: his shoulder skin feels softer and more youthful (less inflamed))

(Annotation: Better spinal movement as he joyfully scampers more like a puppy)

(Annotation: More energy to lift his legs instead of just standing to drain his bladder; moves up hills easier and faster; better butt and hind limb muscle tone)

Stephen Cherniske (SC): Everyone appreciates a good story about renewal.

(Annotation: Squash is more playful!)

SC: . Think of all the shows about home renovations! Well this story is much better than that. It’s about Anti-aging for dogs!

(Annotation: RenuViteTM logo)

SC: This story is about a beloved elderly dog named Squash, half Corgi and half Beagle- 2 breeds where the life expectancy is about 15 years. For any dog that old, choosing anti-aging really is a matter of life or death.

(Annotation: RenuViteTM logo, Energy, Mobility, Cognition, Immunity)

SC: Squash not only deserves a better life, filled with energy and joy, but now feels it, he shows it, he lives it- in just a matter of a few weeks of having RenuViteTM added to his evening kibble.

This is The Squash Project!

(Annotation: Rachel and Harrison tell us more about what they’ve noticed in Squash)

(Squash breathing heavy as he climbs steep hill)

Rachel (R): I’ve known Squash for about 3 years. And like, I don’t know, when I first met him. I don’t know he’s just like happy and he’s just happy go lucky puppy, like normal amounts of energy. And when he first got here to this house like …I don’t know, maybe 10 weeks or so ago, he was lugging himself up the stairs. He didn’t seem like super energetic. But then when he started taking the DHEA [RenuViteTM] he would sprint up the stairs after us. And when we get home, he’s just running after us. He’s rolling around in circles. You can tell he’s really, he has a lot of energy!

Harrison (H): He starts doing tricks on his own without being prompted. Because he just wants that attention. And he’s sharp enough to know what to do to get it. It’s just like back in the day when we taught him his original commands. He’s on them. He’s responding to them. Superfast. And I dunno, he’s a crafty one.

N: That’s great. So it sounds like you’re also seeing better mobility for him and, of course, better cognition.

H: Mmm, hmm.

R: Yeah.

N: Wow. Way to go squash.

(Annotation: RenuViteTM logo, has DHEA and UnivestinTM logo)

N: When we first started him on it, I had measured his weight and the lower part of his chest near his belly. And those haven’t really changed when I measured them a few days ago. But I noticed that his thigh muscles and his butt muscles, and that whole kind of pelvic area is more lean, better muscle tone. And Um…and just slimmer.

R: Yeah…I have noticed a difference in his appearance like he looked little bit Chubby, I guess when he first got here. Um, but he’s definitely, he seems more muscular and more fit now.

H: Yeah. And part of that I mean it was a tumor. Like that should be known. So he’s had these cysts. Benign cysts, but uh I guess Corgis – he’s half Corgi- they’re prone to getting them. He had these cysts on the bottom of his stomach. They used to kind of… I think they impact his quality of life. He was dragging around. But lately, I mean it just Looks like he isn’t even impacted by them at all. It’s like he doesn’t even know they’re there…

N: That’s great.

H: He doesn’t even favor one side anymore. Because he had the cyst on one side. He doesn’t favor his good side anymore. He’s perfectly content to be on the other side, which It was really interesting to me because he’s been doing that for a long time.

N: Wow. Um, I kind of noticed that too when we first met. He kind of sat to one side as if he was like, trying to manage his belly and everything that was going on there.

And then immunity- you mentioned that earlier when we’re talking that he had some gum infection issues a while ago. So, how are you seeing for his health with RenuViteTM?

H: Oh yeah, no he’s had zero problems getting sick. Um, but he’s pretty darn vibrant. I would say that his color has original orange has returned in a strong way.

(Annotation: RenuViteTM logo. Vibrant behavior! Vibrant appearance!)

H: I didn’t expect that, you know. He was looking a little dull. But he’s had zero sickness issues. Yeah…It’s he’s looking more vibrant.

N: And how long would you say he was on the RenuViteTM when you I started to notice, “Hey this dog is changing”?

H: I would say the noticeable differences that really struck us were probably in the two week range, maybe two or three weeks. And we’re like, Oh Wow He was moving. He was up and at-um! And that was just with one pill a day at Dinnertime…Yeah I mean most of them.

(Annotation: RenuViteTM logo. Aging starts at age 5, earlier in large breeds)

SC: Research shows that around age 5, even earlier in large breeds, aging starts to affect your dog. So it’s time for us to step up! Now, new research suggests that neutered dogs age faster. Perhaps you’ve seen the signs: some grunting while getting up from a nap, suggesting stiff and achy joints. The slower pace climbing up hills or stairs. Or the stress on their leg joints from going down hills and descending stairs. Perhaps your dog gets cold more often. Or he’s grumpy because he doesn’t feel good. Afterall, aging is painful.
Perhaps your dog has forgotten some basic commands.

Squash: (barks repeatedly saying “Start : RenuViteTM now!)

(video length 5:35)