The Squash Project Season 1 – Episode 1

Stephen Cherniske is a biochemist and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition. He’s a co-creator of The Squash Project, a web series about an aging dog being given RenuVite, an anti-aging supplement for dogs.


S1 E1 of The Squash Project 2022



S1 E1 of The Squash Project 2022


The Squash Project

Season 1 Episode 1 October 21, 2022

Never Too Old For Renewal

Natalie Kather, MD (NK): Squash, sit. Good boy!

Stephen Cherniske (SC): Everyone appreciates a good story about renewal. Think of all the shows about home renovations! Well this story is much better than that. It’s about Anti-aging for dogs!

This story is about a beloved elderly dog named Squash, half Corgi and half Beagle- 2 breeds where the life expectancy is about 15 years. For any dog that old, choosing anti-aging really is a matter of life or death.

Squash has had a difficult life, moving across the country twice in the last 2 years. He was happily living in the warmth of Southern California and now he’s had to deal with the cold climate of the Pacific Northwest.

NK: So he has some fasciculations here in his thigh. You see little tremors here. (Squash sniffs rapidly.) “Hey there, Squash.) (Annotation: Before: Muscle weakness & poor muscle tone)

SC: Now we’re delighted to have Squash join our community. He quickly became well-known and for good reason! He’s Kind to everyone he meets and he’s great with children.

Squash not only deserves a better life, filled with energy and joy, but now feels it, he shows it, he lives it- in just a matter of a few weeks of having RenuViteTM added to his evening kibble.

Harrison (H): Squash likes his kibble a little bit mushy. He’s been that way for a little while now. So I just throw some of this RenuViteTM on wet kibble. Mix it around a little bit. And he knows that when I start shaking this his kibble’s ready. I throw away these [empty] capsules. It all comes out pretty neatly. Once I’ve shaken this a little bit, and he sees what it is…’Cause he is deaf… he doesn’t remember his command- well, he knows his commands, but he can’t hear them. Now he just goes to town and eats it all up.

SC: This is the Squash Project.

NK: I’m here today with Rachel and Harrison Van Galder and their dog Squash! And Squash has been on RenuViteTM now for, I think 6 Weeks. Yeah. And I believe Squash has a birthday coming up, is that right?

H: That’s right. Uh, This fall specifically…This coming week actually. He’s going to turn 15. I was getting him for my 10th birthday 15 years ago. Which was just pretty crazy ‘cause I remember when he was still… Yeah, it was first night in my bed which was a bad idea because he wasn’t potty trained yet, but now he is. 15 years Later.

N: So Happy Birthday to Squash and Happy birthday to you.

H: Yeah!

NK: Wow. And we have been so grateful that we’ve got to watch what it’s been like for Squash to respond to the RenuViteTM. We have great published [clinical] data that backs up each of the Ingredients in RenuViteTM. And RenuViteTM is the first and only anti-aging supplement for dogs that contains UnivestinTM and DHEA. And so we explain to people that it helps with cognition and immunity and energy and mobility. So I’d like to hear about what you’ve seen for Squash’s energy over these past six weeks…

Harrison: Energy, first off is insane! And this dog’s over a hundred in dog years. And in the last five years I saw definitely a drop-off as he approached double digits in human years. But in the last few weeks I don’t think there’s, you know, any doubt in my mind that he’s got way more energy than a 15 year-old dog should have. Way more than he did before he started. He can walk all day. He’ll run up hills. It’s like he’s practically like a puppy. You know…

SC: There you go! There you go! Come on! There you go!

Everyday millions of beloved dogs grow older, feeling their bodies weaken, ache and slow down in ways they never planned. Nor do these loving souls understand what’s happening to them. They look to us, their guardians, with the unconditional love and trust that we will always choose what’s best for them.

(Annotation: Squash says start now! RenuViteTM)

(Annotation: See more about Squash and his guardians on the next episode!)

(video length 4:33)