I hike with my dog every day, and I’ve never seen her with as much energy as she displayed today. Keep in mind for a Bulldog to be energized at all is unusual.  She usually walks behind us but today she was walking in front of the pack!

The only difference in the past two weeks is we started giving her RenuVite 4 Dogs twice daily. Your product is awesome, and thank you for referring it to us.

Chatsworth, CA


Bello is our 8-year-old golden retriever who was in so much pain, he would groan getting up or laying down. After just one week on RenuVite™, we noticed a big difference in his energy level. He even started to initiate play with our 2-year-old retriever!  And then I realized, “hey; he’s not groaning or whimpering anymore!”  We love this product!
Sharon Breimhorst, Salinas, CA


My cocker spaniel, Sara, has been on Renuvite4Dogs for 3 years. At 15 years of age, she deals with cataracts, loss of hearing and a serious skin condition from Cushing’s disease. I can’t say that RenuVite is a treatment for Cushing’s, but it has stopped her weight loss and she now sleeps 9 hours through the night. She also healed from four skin surgeries quickly and with no complications. Remarkably, She shows no sign of inflammation or arthritis.  While she has had some other supplements, I believe that Renuvite is the biggest factor keeping her strong and inflammation free.
Thank you so much for making this available to us.
Teresa Bright and Sara
My best friend Cedar has been by my side for 10 years now. She has been an awesome companion in my active life. She enjoys hiking, mountain biking, surfing, snowshoeing and basically anything and everything that I do. Over the last couple of years, I have had to back off of some of the extremes in length and speed as I started to notice the repercussions of Cedar’s stiffness and soreness.
I decided to give your product a try to support Cedar and the high activity life that we still live. She loves this life and has never really wanted to slow down but wear and tear has been catching up with her.
After two weeks, I had already noticed her recovery was so much shorter in length. It’s as if the stiffness and tension after long hard outings are no longer present. I noticed her leading the way through the tough snow on our dog adventures and keeping up with the young dogs. Not only keeping up but instigating play and chase and wrestle with the 2-year-olds pups.
We are almost 4 weeks in now and it is still this way. I am so grateful for your vision and this product.
Thank you Thank you
Happy reporting from British Columbia on Cedar’s results using RenuVite™.