The Squash Project

Season 1 Episode 4

Let’s Get Limber!

Dog spinal movement health, part one

This is the story of Squash, a dog that started RenuVite One month before his 15th birthday. Squash is half beagle and half corgi, two breeds with a life expectancy of 15 years. For a dog that age, starting anti-aging with RenuViteTM is a matter of life or death.

It was clear to his pet parents & our local community that after six weeks of taking 1 capsule of RenuViteTM daily he was clearly getting benefits with energy, mobility, cognition and immunity. He was much more playful!

In this episode, we discuss more about mobility.

We also want to point out the cumulative benefits of RenuViteTM and why Squash will be on it for the rest of his adorable life.

He still had spinal stiffness after six weeks, but each day it was getting better!

I’m Stephen Cherniske the bio chemist and formulator of RenuVite.

And this is The Squash Project.

After 10 weeks of consistent use of RenuViteTM it was clear that Squash was more limber. He was more agile. He was more confident tackling obstacles in his path and had more ease and confidence in his movement.

It was obvious that Squash was losing his spinal stiffness and he could more easily twist his pelvis one way while twisting his neck and shoulders the other.

I taught yoga for over 30 years. Flexibility, movement and being able to twist the spine are important parts of health and living a high quality, long life.

I’ve been taking DHEA for 35 years, and UnivestinTM, another RenuViteTM ingredient, for 25 years.

This is the spinal twist, one of the most important poses in yoga. It’s an excellent way to start the day and wind down the evening.

We’ve been watching the movements of Squash’s spine as his gait is clearly more joyful, more fluid, and more puppyish. We see  how he engages his tail more than before for leverage and momentum.

We watch how he performs his own “down-dog“ stretch with more ease.

We see how his pose demonstrates better paraspinal muscle tone and confidence in his stance.

This slow-motion video of him jogging shows how he engages his tail, moves his shoulders and spine and alternates leg movements to propel his little body forward.

RenuViteTM contains UnivestinTM, a patented plant-based anti-inflammatory.

It also contains DHEA which promotes repair, greater energy and also reduces inflammation.

It contains collagen which promotes repair.

And it contains Aronia berry extract, which reduces oxidation.

All these ingredients add up to improvements in mobility.

Now that’s Anti-Aging!

And that’s why Squash will always stay on RenuViteTM.

His pet parents and his community see how he is happier and healthier and how he’s better each day!

When we are more limber, more flexible and more agile we experience our world in a much better way!

For a dog this means better comfort in the joints, muscles and other soft tissues.

Squash has a better life because of RenuViteTM.